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Founded in 1977, Project Exploration Inc., has safely taken several generations of students on science field trips throughout the southwest. Our emphasis on safety, organization, and attention to detail has allowed us to be a sole provider in this unique service.

Reliable Transportation

Born in 1985, American Explorer Motorcoach was created in order to provide Project Exploration, Inc. with quality motor coaches with top-notch drivers. Over the years, American Explorer Motorcoach has established itself as the premier transportation company for both Arizona’s youth and adults alike. Please note that our drivers are screened for safety, proficiency, and customer service.

American Explorer Motorcoach

American Explorer Motorcoach


Project P.E.T.E. (Promoting Excellence Through Education) was incorporated in 2004 with the vision of helping all travel groups offset the rising cost to "see the world." Thousands of students have successfully raised tens of thousands of dollars with programs such as: community discount cards, cookie and pizza dough sales, seasonal treats sales, and more!

More About Project Pete

Project Pete

Our Purpose

Project Exploration Inc. exists to bring learning to life through unique and exciting hands-on field experiences. We strive to create outdoor learning "classrooms" charged with positive energy. Project Exploration's aim is to enhance the educational lives of young students while instilling in them a deeper appreciation for our natural world and the necessity to preserve it. -Project Exploration Inc.

Teacher Testimonials

  • "This trip EXCEEDED our expectations. The kids came back to school spouting tons of facts and cool things they saw and learned to anyone who would stay still long enough to listen!" - Robin T. - Mesa, AZ
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Educational Trips

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Please download our Trip Discription Brochure for preview & print. We have also made it easy for you to find and download other important documents that can be used for planning and preparing for your trips


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